We have partnered with a company called GlassParency™ to provide glass coating services to our clients. This company has been around for nearly 20 years and has a wide range of products and support systems.

Included with your Ceramic Coating service or as an add-on, is a glass coating that is registered with a 3+ year warranty which ensures the unmatched durability of the chemically bonded product that’s on your glass. This product makes your glass water-resistant, more durable to the elements, easier to clean, and optically clearer. This unmatched warranty includes re-applications and maintenance treatments to your vehicle included with any of our other paid services.

Mobile Details Masters is a certified installer of GlassParency which allows us to ensure proper application of this product to your windows every single time! Check out the video below as well as our Facebook Page for some great clips of the product in all different applications.