If you’re looking for the newest and most innovative way to protect the inside and outside of your vehicle, Ceramic Coating is for you!

We offer both exterior and interior ceramic options. Applying Ceramic Coating to your vehicle provides an extremely durable layer of protection that is stronger than a factory clear coat. The ceramic coating enhances the gloss and depth of your paint, adds extreme hydrophobic effects to coated surfaces, provides superior protection against normal environmental abuse, and adds higher scratch resistance. Industry grade ceramic coating is a new process incorporating the most advanced technology consisting of a chemical polymer applied to your vehicle to form a semi-permanent coating. The nanoscopic paint treatment is applied as a liquid that “flashes” and cures to form a very hard layer of protection over a factory-installed paint.

A factory clear coat is porous. Ceramic Coatings fill in these pores and crystalize to form a superior, hard semi-permanent coating that will not wash away. Coatings are applied by a certified installer to all prepped surfaces to provide an increased hydrophobic layer of protection.