Mobile Car Detailing Services Keep You Safer During COVID-19

These times make it very important to take extra care with the interior of your car! You and your passengers both need a clean, safe form of transportation, and a clean vehicle is part of that. While we can’t stop the virus, each of us can do our part by keeping our vehicles clean and taking every step to slow the spread of COVID-19! If you’re looking for an additional layer of cleanliness and sanitizing, contact the professionals at Mobile Detail Masters to assist.

How can you stay safe? Like the CDC and WHO recommend, our mobile car detailing team wants to emphasize using common-sense measures and consistency with how you care for yourself and your surroundings during these unprecedented times. Take additional precautions in your care to ensure a safer vehicle! Wash your hands as often as possible, including before and after using your vehicle. Carry a spray-on sanitizer in your car and use it when you return to your car from public places, like the grocery store. Always wear a face covering when around others outside your household, even in the car—especially in the car, as you are in close contact with others! Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing. Keep your hands away from your face (especially your mouth, nose, and eyes) and away from your hair. Upon exiting your vehicle and engaging others, limit your greetings to verbal ones instead of physical greetings. Do not keep your car circulation system on re-circulate as you’ll be breathing cabin air and not fresh air. Keep it to the outside vents, and open windows whenever possible.

Try and clean the “high-touch” areas of your car as often as possible. If you desire an additional layer of sanitizing and protection, Mobile Detail Masters, located in the Asheville North Carolina area and serving Western North Carolina, offers interior detailing services that are tried and true.

When we detail an average, 4-door sedan, Mobile Detail Masters spends 3-4 hours on the interior, using a multi-step process that brings your vehicle back to the way it looked the day you drove it off the new car lot! In addition, and to help fight COVID-19, our mobile detailing service offers a steam sanitizing process using distilled water at temps up to 210 degrees that kills most germs on contact. With our steam sanitation process, we hit the main “touch areas” in your vehicle, including your steering wheel, shift lever, door handles and buttons, armrests, seat belts, dash area, and vents. Once an interior is thoroughly cleaned using our multi-step process, we “dress” the plastic and vinyl areas with a product that is non-sticky and fingerprint-resistant, leaving your interior looking almost-new. With over 325 satisfied customers, Mobile Detail Masters in Burnsville, North Carolina has proven success. Our cleaning and sanitization systems ensure your safety and comfort while extending the life of your vehicle interior. And don’t forget one of our most attractive features: we’re mobile—we come right to you!

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Selling your car in the competitive car market can be a time consuming and tricky process. The more presentable and cleaner your car looks the higher fee you can demand. Who wants to buy a used vehicle that looks “used”? With this package, we’ll make your vehicle look like it just came off the new car lot, and likewise receive a higher final price when sold. Visual appeal is a key influencer to the car buying consumer and Mobile Detail Masters are experts at making your used car look it’s best. Our process is a proven step by step system that addresses each area of your car so it looks it’s best. This package usually takes between 6-8 hours depending on the size and overall condition of your vehicle. Contact our owner Brian directly at (828) 284-7772. to obtain your price and availability. You’ll be able to recoup the cost of this service in what you’ll realize in your final sale price.

What could be better than the gift of a clean vehicle for that special day. Mobile Detail Masters make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day. You can buy gift cards in any denomination or choose a specific package to present to that special person. Gift Cards are credit card size and come in very nice presentable card and envelope that can be personalized. Your recipient can contact us directly to arrange a convenient detailing day at his or her location since we-re fully mobile. Not sure how it works, call us with any questions.