With Mobile Detail Masters, cleaning the wheels on a vehicle is one of the very first steps that we take! We start by assessing the condition of the wheel and wheel wells to determine which products to use. Most wheels are manufactured from a very porous metal, which if not cleaned regularly can lead to discoloration in the wheel.

     Next, we rinse down the wheels and wheel wells with our pressure washer. This is very important because there is a lot of brake dust and debris that build up in those areas. If we do not rinse everything down, the brake dust and debris can become airborne and cause harm to whoever is cleaning the wheels.

     Once we have rinsed everything down, we start treating the surfaces with the products we have decided to use. Once we have thoroughly cleaned all of the wheels and wheel wells with our various “tools of the trade”, we take our compressed air and dry everything fully. This ensures that when we apply our tire shine, it can be absorbed properly. When you drive away, there will be no water or tire shine slung onto your freshly cleaned vehicle.