Take a look at that picture! This is showing the difference between a clean pad (right) and a dirty, used pad (left) after being used on ONE car!

          When you get any exterior service with Mobile Detail Masters, we will apply a 4-6 month 3 in 1 wax, polish, and sealant. This is an amazing addition to our wide range of products and performs in every department we need it to. Instead of making the polishing, buffing, and paint correction process a multistep and very time-consuming job, this product allows us to do everything at once.

          This product pairs very well with different intensity polishing pads as well, which makes it even more versatile. By changing the intensity of the pad, it allows us to do a range of different things from oxidation removal, paint correction, and light scratch removal while still using the same product.

          Give us a call if you have any questions on what we can do with your vehicle!