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Industry grade ceramic coating is a new process incorporating the most advanced technology consisting of a chemical polymer applied to your vehicle to form a semi-permanent coating. The nanoscopic paint treatment is applied as a liquid which “flashes” and cures to form a very hard layer of protection over your factory installed paint.


Mobile automotive detailing
  • Self-cleaning properties with exceptional water beading and dirt run-off capability
  • Enhance gloss depth and shine
  • Higher scratch resistance
  • Superior protection against environmental abuse including droppings, sap, bugs, tar, brake dust, and oxidation
  • Adds extreme hydrophobic effects
  • Provides protection to your car surface for 5-10 years
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If you’re looking for the newest and most innovative way to protect the inside and outside (we offer both exterior and interior ceramic options) of your vehicle, Ceramic Coating is for you! Applying Ceramic Coating to your vehicle provides an extremely durable layer of protection that is stronger than your factory clear coat. The ceramic coating enhances the gloss/depth of your paint, adds extreme hydrophobic effects to coated surfaces, provides superior protection against normal environmental abuse, and adds a higher scratch resistance.
Your factory clear coat is porous. Ceramic Coatings fill in these pores and crystalize to form a superior, hard semi-permanent coating that will not wash away. Coatings are applied by a certified installer to all prepped surfaces to provide an increased hydrophobic layer of protection.
Ceramic coatings are applied by certified installers, typically panel by panel to ensure complete coverage. The preparation work involved before a coating is applied is the most intensive and important part of the entire process.
We use Adam’s Polishes with patented Ceramic Glow Technology which has a very similar application process to other coatings, but with one unique feature. With other types of coatings, an installer must be extremely diligent during the coating process and make sure not to miss a single inch. This is still very important with our coating, but we go over all surfaces with a UV Light to see what has and has not been coated. This also allows us to ensure when the coating has been fully cured to the paint because we can verify using the intensity of the UV color on your vehicle.
Ceramic Coatings are semi-permanent and thus the surface its applied to needs to be free of fading, scratching, or contamination. If not, the coating will seal in those imperfections. With vehicles that are 5+ years old we recommend you give us a call, so we can set up an in-person visual inspection of your vehicle. This will allow us to go over the entire vehicle better and go over what options may work best for you.
Yes and no. Ceramic coating is a semi-permanent coating that when applied correctly to a vehicle provides a stronger layer of protection than a factory clear coat. This includes protection against bird droppings, sap, bugs, tar, brake dust, oxidation, and so much more. When environmental abuse occurs, a coating does not etch and dissolve like your factory clear coat and makes removal from your vehicle super easy. However, it does not protect against abnormal abuse that may be caused when driving such as rock chips.
It depends on the type of ceramic coating you decide to go with. We offer Adam’s Polishes Coatings with UV protected Ceramic Glow Technology with 5+ years of protection or 9+ years of protection.
The prep stage can take up to 6 to 12 hours depending on the vehicle. Step 1 is to assess the exterior condition of the vehicle. Next, we complete our full vehicle bug decontamination process to remove any bugs or bird poop. Then, we start our tar removal process, which removes most road grime and tar that is deposited through everyday driving. Next, the vehicle is soaked with iron and fall out remover. Our product is an acid-free pH-balanced formula that breaks down ferrous contaminants at the source. The car then receives a soap bath with our foam cannon and a hand washing. Then, the entire surface of your vehicle is treated with a clay bar to remove any final contamination that might still be on the vehicle. Lastly, we start with a multi-step paint correction process on all painted surfaces.
It is recommended to have Ceramic Coating applied by a certified professional installer. If installed incorrectly ceramic coating can cause high spots, streaks, cloudiness, haziness, and swirls in a reflection. The multi-step paint correction prep work involved before ceramic coating a vehicle takes years to learn and properly master. If you want your vehicle Ceramic Coated correctly so you can reap the benefits and have a beautiful flawless finish, have it done by a professional.
Ceramic Coatings need to be installed in a very controlled area. The area needs to be a specific temperature range, specific air quality rating, and free of any debris that could be airborne. With Mobile Detail Masters, all coatings will be applied at our shop location in Fletcher, North Carolina right down the road from the Asheville Airport!
Just give us a call! In general, we need at least 2 weeks’ notice, but the earlier you can reach out to us the better. We are available for weekday and some weekend appointments.
Yes, we are certified to install GlassParency which will be applied to the exterior of all of your vehicle’s windows. This company has been around for nearly 20 years and has a wide range of products and support systems. Included with your glass coating is a registered 3+ year warranty which ensures the unmatched durability of the chemically bonded product that’s on your glass. This warranty includes re-applications and maintenance treatments to your vehicle.
We recommended a booster wash treatment applied to your vehicle every other month, as well as a booster treatment product applied to all of your glass every 3 months. We offer a “Monthly Refresh” service to take care of all of these aftercare needs.
We recommend using a touchless car wash system which means nothing is touching or scrubbing on your vehicle. Another option is to ask us about our “Monthly Refresh” option which will cover all of your upkeep needs!
YES! You have just made a huge investment by buying a brand-new vehicle and Ceramic Coating is the best way for you to protect your investment.
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Automobile detailing services
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Most people are familiar with the terms “buffing” or “polishing”, both somewhat true. Paint Correction is the art of removing light to heavy defects from your vehicles paint to leave it with a brilliant swirl-free finish. This is a very extensive level of service that cannot be completed by most

Before you think about getting a new paint job or selling your vehicle, let our paint correction specialist come and do an assessment of your vehicle’s condition. Performing this process can correct the paint up to 95% of its original finish for a fraction of the cost of a new paint job. Check out the images below to see the level of correction that can be obtained if done properly.

Before we perform this service we provide you with a FREE Vehicle Assessment to discuss your concerns and expectations. Lastly, we schedule a time that’s most convenient for you and you can leave the rest to us!

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Auto detailing near me

A car detailing gift card is a great way to say “thank you,” “good job,” or just to celebrate an important event or accomplishment. When you buy a gift card to Mobile Detail Masters, you can do all this AND make someone’s car look great!

We offer gift cards in any denomination, and we would be happy to advise you on a good amount to load the gift card with for your situation. Whether you are setting up a friend for a fancy date night, bringing an old car back to new, or just giving a dear friend the gift of hassle-free clean, Mobile Detail Masters can help!

Contact Brian our owner at (828) 284-7772 to purchase your gift card over the phone, or with any further questions.

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