If you’ve purchased a brand new car, or even inherited a gift from a friend, you want to keep it looking its best. After all, your car reflects on you, your personality, and your ability to maintain a clean and attractive mode of transportation! But are you taking these tips to keep your car looking its best? As professional car detailers in North Carolina, we clean up cars all day, every day. Fortunately, your car won’t need that much cleaning if you follow these three tips.

1. Wash at least once per week. All the pollen, smoke, dirt, dust, and everything else floating through the air ends up stuck on your car! This may seem like it will just “brush off,” but over time, these contaminant particles contribute to scratching, digging deeper and ruining your finish. Stop by a car wash once per week or hose it down in the driveway in between professional detailing appointments.

2. Vacuum your upholstery! Imagine if you walked, shoes on, through your house every day and never vacuumed the carpet. That’s what your car feels like, and sometimes, that’s what it looks like! Prevent dust, dirt, and grime from grinding deep into the fabric where it can cause stains and tears with a quick vacuuming. For those with a garage, a shop vacuum does a nice job at home, or stop by most fuel stations and use their vacuums—usually less than a dollar.

3. Quick cleanups. Bugs and bird droppings are some of the grossest things that attach themselves to your car’s exterior—and, in some cases, some of the most dangerous! Your car may not end up with diaper rash from being left with some poo on it, but the results aren’t much better. In fact, some of the waste products in bird droppings can eat into your finish and paint in as little as a day or two, not to mention making it look bad and blocking your vision. Make sure to clean these up quickly by stopping by a gas station and washing the window, or consider carrying a small spray bottle of paint-safe surface cleaner. Not sure what’s safe, or can’t find any? Plain water and paper towels will get it done.

If you’re doing these at-home tips, you may not need professional detailing as often, and you might save on your detailing costs since your car is not likely to be as dirty or stained as those that are not well-cared for. Of course, for the best in-depth clean, contact Mobile Detail Masters professional detailing in North Carolina today!