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Mobile detailing near me


Mobile detailing service near me

Mobile Detail Masters provides the most complete mobile auto detailing and ceramic services to our local community by providing exceptional results, convenience, and high value options that will leave your vehicle looking better than the day you bought it.

Auto detailing near me


Mobile automotive detailing
Mobile auto detailing service
Detailing near me
Car detailing near me


Mobile detailing near me

Mobile Detail Masters was created when owner Brian Kosa semi-retired from the health club business in July of 2015 to care for some family members in rural New Jersey.  As an owner and operator of upscale health clubs over the last 30+ years, he understands the service business and how important it is to keep the customer satisfied.  Having vacationed in North Carolina for more than 10 years, the Kosa’s fell in love with Western North Carolina.  After his wife Karen also retired from education after 25+ years, they moved to Burnsville just north of Asheville NC area and decided to bring the business with him and develop a clientele in WNC.  Through his years of high school, and also college at Slippery Rock University in PA where he earned a B.S. degree in Commercial Recreation, you could always find Brian detailing his car.  Mobile Detail Masters was born out of a hobby that Brian loved to do – cleaning and waxing his cars. Now, they offer premier car detailing services, ceramic coating services for exterior paint, interior leather, wheels and glass and paint correction, to name a few. 

Now Brian’s son Mitchell is also involved in the business full-time with plans to eventually run it. Since its inception Mitch has always been involved in the business, but after attending and graduating from automotive technical school, lending his expertise, knowledge and love of cars was a great fit for Mobile Detail Masters. Mitch has attended Adams Polishes ceramic training school in Colorado, as well as become an authorized installer for Glassparency glass coatings. “Mitch has great energy, great communication skills and such high standards for his work that has really benefitted our customers” comments Brian.

“When you have free time, you tend to do the things you love and I was always working on my family car. It was just a natural for me to pursue this as a business,” stated Brian. “ I have owned other businesses and I’ve run businesses for other people. Having the ability to own and run a business that you truly enjoy is just an added benefit in the overall scheme.”

Brian has a wife of 36 years and three grown children – Kyle, Simone and the aforementioned Mitchell. The business has a mobile truck with a state-of-the-art skid mount system to handle every detailing job and plans to expand to additional trucks. They also have a shop location to handle ceramic coating services as well as for detailing in inclement weather and in colder months. There are thousands of products on the market today and so many options to choose from. Mobile Detail Masters is proud to use products from Detail King, Griots Garage, McKee’s 37, Wolfgang, Rupes, Porter Cable, Flex, Adams Polishes, Auto Geek, The Rag Company, Glassparency, Lake Country, Metro Vac, Mytee and many more.

Car detailing
Car detailing near me


Auto detailing near me
Mobile car detailing service
Mobile detail company
Mobile detail company


Professional mobile car detailing
In most cases we need at least 24 hours. But since we have a fleet right now of only 1, the earlier you schedule the better. We can also accommodate last-minute emergencies. Most customers want their car done on the weekends. If you want to schedule for the coming weekend please do so at the beginning of the week so we can guarantee you your desired appointment time.
We ask you to apply the common sense approach. Just remove all miscellaneous items out of the vehicle that may get in the way of the detailing process. We are not responsible for any item left in the vehicle. Please have your vehicle key ready and a spot picked out for us to do our work.
Our truck is equipped with both water and power. When we arrive to detail your vehicle all we’ll need from you is your car. We can carry enough water to service 2-3 vehicles, depending on size, without having to fill up again.
While both are applied with an orbital polisher to protect the clear coat, the Polymer Paint Sealant extends the protection from 1-2 months up to 6 months. Our process involves applying the Polymer Paint Sealant in replacement of the Liquid Carnauba. This is by far the best protection we have to offer for exterior protection and is highly recommended entering the Winter season.
This is ultimately up to your personal preferences and financial resources. The more often a vehicle is waxed, the better. Our recommendation is if the wax is a Liquid Carnauba, then every 2 months is acceptable. If a Polymer Sealant is applied, then every 6 months is a good recommendation.
According to Auto Trader and NADA, scheduling professional auto detailing services can increase your car’s monetary value significantly. Read trade-in advice found on Auto Trader below:
“If you have a little bit of extra money, a comprehensive professional detailing can enhance your car’s exterior significantly and, at the end of the day, you might just end up making more money from the trade-in as a result.” “Put yourself in the dealer’s shoes – an engine that looks clean gives the impression the car has received plenty of TLC under the hood during its lifetime.” “Your car’s interior appearance is just as important as the way it looks on the outside.”
We reserve 4-6 hours for a Complete Package Detail appointment however, this will be partially dependent on the vehicle’s condition.
It’s never an exciting moment when you get out of the car and go “Where did this scratch come from?”. There is a trick for this repair. If you take your fingernail and rub it across the scratch, and you don’t notice a groove that catches it, you are likely dealing with a candidate for removal. If it’s too deep, it may be beyond our abilities. Additional work time may be required to fix numerous scratches, and additional costs will be discussed with the customer.
We are a completely mobile service. You don’t have to spend any time driving and waiting in line. We do everything by hand, which is the best system for your paint. At the car wash they run your car through a machine to wash and dry it as quickly as possible. There is no attention to detail. We work on one vehicle at a time and we take our time. Their goal is quantity, ours is quality. You will see the difference in the details. We take pride in our work and guarantee our results. If you aren’t satisfied, we will make it right!
We’re able to accept all major credit cards, check or cash by our convenient mobile terminal. A copy of the receipt can be sent via e-mail or text message.
The state of NC requires that sales tax be charged at 4.75% plus local county tax of 2% or 2.25% depending on the county you live in.
The beauty of our business is we’re Mobile, so we come to you wherever you are, whenever you want us (*longer distances may require an extra fee). Our business is based out of Burnsville, North Carolina
Mobile car interior detailing